Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Try This Miracle Cure To Aid All Your Philosophical Mind Flips

Every wondered how to cure existential depression?


You don't have existential depression?

Yeah, I'm the only one I've met that does. I mean, apart from the hardcore Nihlists. But I swear I'm not that cynical. Most of the time.

Existential depression is basically staring into the void of existence and wondering what's the point in living in such an arbitrary, unproductive universe that you and your closest relations may or may not actually exist in this form.

I guess more simply it's being suicidal because philosophy handed your mind it's a**.

Well, for those few and far between that suffer like I, there is a miracle cure I discovered today.


What's so big about influence? Well, influence is the only solid proof of the fruits of our existence. Even though we all feel that meaningless melancholy for no apparent reason, it is our influence, no matter how small, that is the key to our meaning.

And you're probably not thinking "What does influence matter anyway if all my relations don't exist?" (because I was thinking that). The answer to that is it doesn't matter if they exist or not. You influenced something nonetheless, impacting a small piece in the grand existential plane of time and space.

That's right, that stranger you spilled coffee on on the train entirely changed the course of history.
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He kinda looks like a douche bag though so you're probably in the clear

Obviously not really, I mean how could that change anything? Putting the point of "Maybe you just made him late to work so he missed being hit by a car that hit another man that was walking in on time", I'm talking more real influence. Your friends, your best friend, your significant other, your family. You never understand the influence you have on someone until you compare them to the person they were before they met you and the sometimes crazier person they were after they met you.

Just think of the people in your own life. I mean, we can all think of that few people that influenced us to who we are today. We're that person to someone else.

So, while we may be a speck of dust, on a speck of dust, in a speck of dust that is the universe, we exist to those we influence, and doesn't that justify our existence in the first place?

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Just a thought. 

A conclusion ~

I conclude.

Yes, I am very well aware that I just started this blog, so concluding seems the foolish thing to do.
I conclude because introductions are so very boring, a conclusion is much more intriguing to watch because it is the end of the movie, the fall of the empire, the fat lady singing. It's facing the music. Maybe that is why I constantly feel the need to conclude. Conclude myself from a meaningless conversation, a meaningless action, a meaningless life.

But I digress. Truthfully, this is a very messy conclusion indeed. And at this point you're probably heavily confused, and that might be fueled by the fact I'm writing this at 2 am. But what did you expect from the deranged intellectual?

As I have concluded earlier, this blog is meant for those who wonder what the curse of intelligence is like. Or those who are intelligent and feel the confinements of their mind. Or even for those who wish to test the boundary of their minds. That doesn't mean it's all cynical however.

Like the tailor said when he quit, suit yourself.

Now, you deserve a puppy.
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Just a thought.